Role Model

One of the most important components of any society is role modeling. Psychology explains this phenomenon as the imitation of a certain behavior (s) by other individual (s). For example, children often imitate the behavior of this or that hero of various cartoons or movies, trying to be as similar as possible to the hero. Then, cartoon characters and comic book characters, who have been role models since school years, are gradually being replaced by real people. They are usually the senior members of the family, successful individuals in various fields, athletes, businessmen. Therefore, it is possible to know who the copying models are in the given environment. Here, we should note that often their absence forces members of society to seek such personalities outside their environment. This is especially true in small societies, such as, for example, the Armenian society. In our environment, the role models are often from the West: Hollywood actors, athletes, American billionaires. In the near future we plan to implement a set of events in cooperation with people who are exemplary in their behavior in the Armenian environment.
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