At the start of the initiative, we intend to implement two or three pilot programs, the target group of which will be young displaced people from Artsakh. We have already launched the programming course and the second pilot program – digital marketing course.

Role Model

One of the most important components of any society is role modeling. Psychology explains this phenomenon as the imitation of a certain behavior (s) by […]


Mentoring is of paramount importance in the Armenian environment. It is no secret that in a small country like Armenia, the main resource is human. […]

SMM Course

Our next pilot program to support internally displaced persons in professional retraining. Participates are from the same target group, as in the first program: 18-30-year-old […]

The Programming Course

This course is the first pilot program of our initiative. The aim of the program is professional retraining of internally displaced young specialists due to […]