The Programming Course

This course is the first pilot program of our initiative. The aim of the program is professional retraining of internally displaced young specialists due to the third Artsakh war. Given to the geography of temporary residence of young people throughout the territory of Armenia, we conduct the course on the online platform. A group of 30 displaced persons from the Kashatagh region has been gathered on the Facebook. The course is taught according to the “Art of Programming” program. The author of the program is Ruben Meschyan, a programmer with over 10 years of experience.

Every week successful IT specialists with different work experience will meet online with the participants, who can receive free specialized advice in the future from specialists. Taking into consideration the features of programming, the program can become lengthy. Soon we will provide a photo-report of the course.

We have already launched the format of online meetings with specialists. The guest of the first meeting was React JS programmer Zhora Sargsyan. The meeting was held in Armenian. Watch a meeting on our YouTube channel.