Mentoring is of paramount importance in the Armenian environment. It is no secret that in a small country like Armenia, the main resource is human.

Mentoring has been known since ancient times. So, Aristotle, for example, was the teacher (mentor) of Alexander the Great. According to the modern perception, a mentor is the most experienced specialist in his / her field, who supports those with less experience in other issues related to quality, skills acquisition and career.
In such a state, human knowledge is used, which can create value. However, the created value can not have material and long-term significance, if the continuity of its production is not ensured. And what is necessary for that? We believe that the main guarantee is the exchange of experience between generations. And one of the tools for the realization of that process is the dialogue between the generations, in a broad sense, mentoring.
Based on this vision, we have initiated a number of stages summer mentorship program.
So follow the activities of our initiative to be aware of our plans.