About Us


The “Azdak” initiative was founded by a group of young people. The idea arose at the end of the third Artsakh war on the initiative of several young people from the Kashatagh region of the Artsakh Republic.
The core of our initiative is considered to be the same members of “Hayapatum” youth non-governmental organization in Kashatagh city. During its activity, the NGO organized a number of events, including intellectual games, events dedicated to national and church holidays, a one-week summer camp (about the camp (in armenian)).
The principles of the initiative complement the values shared by the “Hayapatum” NGO operating in Kashatagh.


We are sure that the primary guarantee for the development of any society is the existence of a creative environment. At the same time, the Armenian environment, especially after the last war with painful losses in all respects, needs to be refreshed and given a new lease of life. The task of our initiative is to send singals that serve that very purpose.
There are three impulses for the creation of a creative environment: culture, education, and science. These three are the pillars that allow each individual to realize the need for self-expression. The more factors contributing to the realization of this demand, the greater the development potential of the society.
Otherwise, in a rigid environment, the state usually limits the opportunities for one of the parties to the public alliance to realize the potential of the other party, the citizen, the individual․ Noam Khomsky, the giant of modern intellectual thought, also spoke about this. Such a situation definitely hinders the development, contributing, first, to the value crisis in the society, then to its disintegration, sometimes to its self-destruction.
In order to neutralize the possibility of such a scenario, we are convinced that it is not necessary to seek a solution outside the Armenian environment. Finally, as the great Armenian writer Hovhannes Tumanyan mentioned in his “Bitter People” publicist article, “There is no other way. Inside salvation will be because we are rotten from within. ” Thus, our mission is to create opportunities for the expression of inner potential, to promote the creation of a creative environment through new solutions, encouragement of ideas to stimulate the creation of a creative environment by promoting them.


Our goals are․

  • To create an environment conducive to the realization of cultural, creative potential, opportunities for self-expression.
  • To promote the establishment of a quality professional base.
  • To contribute to the development of the scientific-educational sphere, including in the context of the establishment of future professions.

Our objectives are.

  • Mobilization and targeted implementation of those aware of the need of creativity in the Armenian environment.
  • Development of a toolkit for expressing accurate professional orientation and creative potential.
  • Activities aimed at preserving the Armenian intellectual heritage.
  • Encouraging the implementation of scientific and professional projects.